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Water Products

Hidro+ offers a variety of mineral water products. Have a look below to find out more!

Hidro+ Water Products

Hidro+ Structured Mineral Water

Hidro+ Structured Mineral Water is structured water meaning that it is micro clustered. It has 5-10 molecules per cluster, which is small enough to easily penetrate living cells. During the structuring process, 84 natural minerals and trace elements are infused into the water at molecular level, thereby able to hydrate the cells more effectively. Our water tastes great and greatly improves the immune systems of our customers.

Hidro+ Health

Hidro+ Health Water is the best product for optimum water wellness. Research has shown that many diseases are initiated by poor hydration of the body. Our Health Water is the best combination to ensure proper hydration for especially pregnant women, scholars, students and people with weakened immune systems.

Hidro+ Sport

Hidro+ Sport Water is especially designed to supply ultra-sport athletes such as long distance athletes or cyclists as well as other sport enthusiasts who need a higher dosage of essential minerals during training and competitions. Drinking Hidro+ Sport counteracts the loss of electrolytes and boosts energy levels as well as hydration during strenuous exercises.

Hidro+ Super Hydrate

Hidro+ Super Hydrate promotes healthy red blood cells repelling each other due to its electrical charge, allowing ample carrying capacity of oxygen and nutrients to the body for faster recovery. It combats muscle cramps through replenishing the electrolyte levels during training.

Hidro+ HangOVER Hydrate

Hidro+ HangOVER Water is specifically structured water designed to curb the effects of excessive alcohol use. Our product is scientifically engineered to give relief within 30 minutes of intake. It can also be used when you need a sudden hydration boost. Visit our shop today and experience the natural taste of good hydration.

Structured Mineral Concentrate

Our Micro-Clustered Natural Mineral Concentrate is added to purify RO-water to get healthy structured mineralised alkaline water.