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Pure, Structured, Alkaline, Mineral Water with Ultra High Mineral Content

Hidro+ Structured Mineral Water is structured water meaning that it is micro clustered. It has 5-10 molecules per cluster, which is small enough to easily penetrate living cells.  During the structuring process, 84 natural minerals and trace elements are infused into the water at molecular level, thereby able to hydrate the cells more effectively.  Our water tastes great and greatly improves the immune systems of our customers. Read a testimonial of a 68-year athlete who achieved a world’s best performance using this hydrate.


  • Use before, during and after Extreme Sport activity.
  • Typical sport types: Ultra Long Distance Marathon Running, Cycling, Swimming, Iron Man and other sport where extreme Endurance, Fatigue and Recovery plays a role.
  • This water is also effective against Headaches/Migraines, or to regain Energy when feeling tired, or when Recovering from illness.
  • Bulk Water supplied in safe HDPE containers.
  • Bottled Water supplied in glass, re-usable HDPE, or PET plastic. Bottle-packs are cold-wrapped to prevent plastic toxin leaching.


  • Energy Booster/Endurance
  • Hydration Electrolyte
  • Combats Cramping
  • Shortens Training Recovery
  • Joint and Tissue Healing
  • Mild, salty taste – high in minerals

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Hidro+ Super Hydrate promotes healthy red blood cells repelling each other due to its electrical charge, allowing ample carrying capacity of oxygen and nutrients to the body for faster recovery. It combats muscle cramps through replenishing the electrolyte levels during training.


Look No Further. Taste The Difference!

Hidro+ specialises in offering Structured Mineral Water solutions for the discerned.

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