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Hi-Performance Sport Water

Typical Mineral Composition In Hidro+ Sport Structured Mineral Water

HIDRO+ Hi-Performance Sport Water

Hidro+ Sport Water is especially designed to supply ultra-sport athletes such as long distance athletes or cyclists as well as other sport enthusiasts who need a higher dosage of essential minerals during training and competitions. Drinking Hidro+ Sport counteracts the loss of electrolytes and boosts energy levels as well as hydration during strenuous exercises.

The importance of electrolytes in sport is well documented with the absence of which results in muscle cramps, dehydration and decreased performance levels. Structured mineral water has energised molecules forming micro clusters small enough to penetrate living cells for proper hydration, thereby promoting energy and endurance.


Use before, during and after moderate or strenuous sport activity.
Typical sport types: Long Distance Running, Rugby, Gyming, Training, Athletics, Cycling, Motor and Bike Racing, Swimming, Tennis, Soccer, Cricket, Squash, Netball and any sport where Endurance, Fatigue and Recovery plays a role.
Bulk Water supplied in safe HDPE containers.
Bottled Water supplied in glass, re-usable HDPE, or PET plastic. Bottle-packs are cold-wrapped to prevent plastic toxin leaching.

Energy Booster/Endurance
Hydration Electrolyte
Combats Cramping
Shortens Training Recovery
Joint and Tissue Healing
Mild, salty taste – high in minerals

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