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Structured Mineral Water

Typical Mineral Composition In Hidro+ Structured Mineral Water

HIDRO+ Structured Mineral Water

Hidro+ Structured Mineral Water is structured water meaning that it is micro clustered. It has 5-10 molecules per cluster, which is small enough to easily penetrate living cells. During the structuring process, 84 natural minerals and trace elements are infused into the water at molecular level, thereby able to hydrate the cells more effectively. Our water tastes great and greatly improves the immune systems of our customers.

Minerals are essential for:

Healing processes and resistance to disease.
All chemical processes required for the human body to function properly.
All nutrients, such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, fats, sugars, carbohydrates, oils, etc. which require minerals for proper cell utility.
Tissue rebuilding, which occurs more easily when the body has access to the necessary minerals.


Household and Office Water for the whole family, including babies – for all your water intake requirements, including cooking and for use with beverages – 6 to 8 glasses /day. (Endorsed by the World Health Organisation)
Bulk Water supplied in safe HDPE containers.
Bottled Water supplied in glass, re-usable HDPE, or PET plastic. Bottle-packs are cold-wrapped to prevent plastic toxin leaching.

Drink enough STRUCTURED MINERAL WATER daily for good health – If the label doesn’t say STRUCTURED WATER, it is not.

Please refer to Dr Chris M de Beer’s Clinical Field Test Report on the beneficial effects this water has on consumers.


  • Purified – Reverse Osmosis process
  • Structured – Cell Hydration & Detox
  • Mineralised – 84 Natural Minerals
  • Alkalinity pH 7.6 – Improved Health

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