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Pure, Structured, Alkaline, Mineral Water with Increased Minerals

Hidro+ Health Water is the best product for optimum water wellness.  Research has shown that many diseases are initiated by poor hydration of the body.  Our Health Water is the best combination to ensure proper hydration for especially pregnant women, scholars, students and people with weakened immune systems.


  • Expecting and Breastfeeding Mothers; all Learners (ages 6 – 60)
  • Skin Beauty and Slimming Queens
  • People Recovering from Illness and during Illness; and any person suffering from Fatigue, High Blood Pressure, Iron Deficiency and Diabetes.
  • Bulk Water supplied in safe HDPE containers.
  • Bottled Water supplied in glass, re-usable HDPE, or PET plastic. Bottle-packs are cold-wrapped to prevent plastic toxin leaching.


Please refer to a testimonial from a nursery school with 300 pre-school kids who have been weaned from drinking sugar-loaded soft drinks and who now only drink our good tasting structured mineral water for the past 2 years.


  • Expecting Mothers and Siblings
  • Cognitive Activity of Leaners
  • Skin Beauty and Slimming
  • Recovery from Illnesses

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Your liver and kidneys collect unwanted toxins during the night and need flushing-out in the morning.  This could be accomplished by drinking at least 500ml HEALTH WATER first thing in the morning when you wake-up and then to wait 40 minutes before drinking coffee or eating.  Drink STRUCTURED MINERAL WATER for the rest of the day.


Look No Further. Taste The Difference!

Hidro+ specialises in offering Structured Mineral Water solutions for the discerned.

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