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HangOVER Water

Typical Mineral Composition In Hidro+ Hangover Structured Mineral Water


Hidro+ HangOVER Water is specifically structured water designed to curb the effects of excessive alcohol use. Our product is scientifically engineered to give relief within 30 minutes of intake. It can also be used when you need a sudden hydration boost. Visit our shop today and experience the natural taste of good hydration.

Proper hydration on cellular level means:

Increased concentration / brain plasticity
Reduced stress
Improved immunity / better health
Better performance (energy / endurance)
Slower aging / faster weight loss


Use before, during and after consuming alcohol. A unique remedy for a hangover, designed to curb the effects of excessive alcohol use. Get relief within 30 minutes of intake.
For a headache-free next morning, take 500ml before going to bed and another 500ml when you wake-up. When taken before and during alcohol intake, your liver is able to curb the alcohol effect more effectively.
PET plastic bottle-packs are cold-wrapped to prevent plastic toxins leaching into the water.

Hangover Recovery within 30 minutes
Relieves Headaches/Migraines
Restores Liver Stress
Re-energises the Body
Salty taste – very high in minerals

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