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HIDRO-Safe Ultra Kitchen Tap-Water Filter - with backwash facility

This unique 4 stage water filter is an improvement on the conventional house water filters available. It is designed to safeguard food-rinsing and cooking of your food – although the water is not of the same quality as Structured Living Mineral Water, it is nevertheless much safer/healthier than house filtered water.
The backwash facility results in lower cartridge replacement cost, as well as a much higher flow rate than the traditional RO filters (around 7 litres/minute versus 7 litres/hour – of the small RO water filters normally sold) – making food rinsing possible/practical, a necessity in the present wake of suspect tap water.
This filter uniquely removes most of most harmful toxins, namely;

• Chlorine (which causes cancers)
• Bacteria (E.coli etc. when present)
• Biological Oestrogen hormones (especially bad for men and boys)
• Micro plastics (a synthetic oestrogen, present everywhere – a world-wide problem)
• Heavy-metals and radioactive isotopes
• Bad tastes and odours