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A Natural Mineral Water Concentrate to re-mineralise water

Hidro+ Natural Mineral Concentrate is an alkaline electrolyte used to mineralise reverse osmosis (RO) or distilled, chlorine-free drinking water, thereby re-structuring it to its natural molecular state for proper cell hydration.  This unique product is available in different volumes for your convenience.  It is developed for customers who travel frequently or who don’t have access to Hidro+ Water.

Only add 12 drops (1 ml) of concentrate to 1 litre of reverse osmosis (RO) or distilled water and experience the following:

  • Improved brain activity: Electrolytes required for electro-chemical impulses of the nerve system, body cells and brain neurons.
  • 84 Natural minerals and trace elements as found in nature: The composition of which coincides with that of human blood plasma.
  • Improved immunity levels: Alkaline balanced, neutralises acidity caused by modern day diets. (Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment).
  • Proper hydration of the entire body: Micro structured, which energizes the water and micro-clusters able to penetrate living cells.


Look No Further. Taste The Difference!

Hidro+ specialises in offering Structured Mineral Water solutions for the discerned.

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