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About Water

Does the water you drink HEAL or KILL you?

Hidro+ Mineral Water is probably the best tasting natural health water you will ever drink, and consumers have given many testimonials over the past six years on its outstanding benefits. The vast majority of people suffer dehydration in summer and winter with consequent health effects, premature aging and overweight problems.

Proper hydration on cellular level means:

  • Increased concentration / brain plasticity
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved immunity / better health
  • Better performance (energy / endurance)
  • Slower aging
  • Faster weight loss


By using pure, demineralized, reverse osmosis (RO) water only, it will extract minerals from your body to reach osmotic equilibrium. Therefore Hidro+ and the World Health Organisation (WHO) do not recommend the consumption and/or cooking with RO water. Our structured (energised), Natural Mineral Alkaline Water is free of radiation and makes all the difference.

Hidro+ Water Products

Enhances Skin Beauty

Our Hidro+ Health Water clusters penetrate skin cells and enhances anti-aging, resulting in a moisturised silky skin.

Dehydration and Pregnancy

Correct hydration is extremely important to protect your health and that of your developing baby.

Hydration and Brain Fitness

Children’s brains work less efficiently when they become dehydrated, making tasks such as problem solving much harder.

Structured Mineral Water

Household and Office Water for the whole family, including babies – for all your water intake requirements, including cooking and for use with beverages.

Dehydration and the Elderly

Dehydration is often the result of inadequate water intake, but more often due to the intake of inefficient water! – read the article below to curb dehydration in the elderly.

Hangover Recovery Hydration

Our exciting new product called Hidro+ HangOVER Water is scientifically engineered to give relief from excessive alcohol usage within 30 minutes of intake.

Endurance and Hydration

Hidro+ Hi-Performance Water has High Mineral Content and a mild, salty taste for optimum hydration and endurance during strenuous sport activities.

Super Hydrate

Read the testimonial below of Amanda Economon, a 68-year old athlete who covered 500.4 km in 6 days using only our Hidro+ Super Hydrate for hydration.

Structured Mineral Concentrate

Our Micro-Clustered Natural Mineral Concentrate is added to purify RO-water to get healthy structured mineralised alkaline water.