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About Hidro+

The Problem

The drinking water dilemma in South Africa necessitates action from the private sector, to safeguard the health of our nation, and especially that of our growing children. It is tragic to experience the ignorance among most of our people as well as the establishment and health-institutions, on the role that the ‘right type’ of drinking and cooking water (not merely ‘safe water’) plays in your health condition. It appears that this information is purposely ignored by the pharmaceutical industry and others, notwithstanding the availability of such information via ‘Ai’ etc.
The world Health Organisation (WHO) has published, as long back as 1986, a report on why dead reverse osmoses (RO) filtered and bottled waters are not recommended as drinking water, and yet most of the Western world is consuming it – mostly in unsafe plastic bottles of which 93% (according to world-wide resurge) contain micro-plastics. Prolong use thereof, furthermore causes osteoporosis.
It is also, a well-known fact that excess chlorine (used in the dis-infection of tap water) is carcinogenic (canker causing) in the long run. Not to mention the harmful biological and chemical contaminants like oestrogen etc. which negatively affects hormonal imbalance, especially in men and boys. Nobody seems to be concerned about the long term effect on boys – probably due to a lack of knowledge. Furthermore, most people do not make the economical connection between drinking and cooking water cost versus the overall family cost savings of a healthy family, over a lifetime. Healthy kitchen water cost is but a fraction that of your long term medical and pharmaceutical expenses.
The technology required for healthy life-giving structure mineral water (the water found in nature) is not new, nor is it rocket science. Why then, for instance don’t all people know about the importance of structured drinking-water, and why you need natural minerals in water with a balanced alkalinity. Also, that 5G and other EMF’s like micro-waves etc. do break down the natural molecule structure, rendering ‘sick’ water, which we consume. The general public is only concerned about tap water availability and ‘cleanliness’, but not about the health quality of the water per say, especially drinking and cooking water. Refer to our website for various narratives on the properties of LIVING water and it’s benefits.
HIDROPLUS WATER WELLNESS in Moreleta Park, Pretoria East, differs from others in its approach. The company was established in 2015, to fulfil the above mentioned shortcomings, and since have had commendable positive feedback from our clients. We now endever to not only spread our knowledge more efficiently through social media, but to implement our unique newly designed supply systems to the end user, giving you a higher degree of independence and surety w.r.t supply and quality. It does away with cumbersome and costly water deliveries in containers. Our further aim is to also reach schools, sport-and-health institutions, like hospitals pregnancy and other clinics and the like. See U-tube for many short educational videos on our healthy living drinking water.
It is so important that school boards start implement Drinking Water Quality Policies in the wake of the deuterating water quality, we receive from water supply authorities. The safety of drinking water, and more importantly the ‘health qualities’ of our tap water can no longer be guaranteed, according to many reports and publications from water experts. A problem that cannot be resolved in the short term (like our electricity supply), simply because the demand and reticulation leaks has outgrown the supply capacity capability by far.
Our wellbeing now depends on ourselves. HIDROPLUS can assist you in all aspects of LIVING WATER supply, from our unique 1st ever concept installation designs, to the supply and servicing of all plant and equipment, for supreme quality drinking and house water systems. Following, are the various unique options we can offer you.

Living Water Supply Options

Retail Shop in Moreleta Park for Purchases and Deliveries

We supply and deliver one of the healthiest and best tasting Living Mineral drinking and cooking waters available, in bulk (20, 10 & 5L re-usable safe containers), at a competitive price – about half the price you pay for dead water in chain shops. See our Abbreviated Price List on water, containers, and Equipment c/w Pensioner & Shop Prepaid Contract discounts – 10 & 15% respectively
Refer also to our 12months Delivery Contract – with quantity discounts, and joint order discounts for company employees and estate residents. You pay less due to multiple joint-deliveries.
Convenient On-line Shopping Facility c/w deliveries – Ad hoc and scheduled deliveries on Wednesdays

Install Our Kitchen Water Storage Tank at Home – Mineral Water Re-fill Monthly (Low Capital Cost)

We install a safe-water-tank in your garage c/w a small pump and kitchen facet, fed via food grade piping. The storage tank is topped-up on request, about monthly, with our LIVING MINERAL water, by means of a service vehicle equipped with our mobile treatment plant, which is plugged into your tap water supply.
The standard tank holds at least one month’s kitchen water supply (drinking and cooking), but larger tanks can be installed on request. The constraint of the elevated tank capacity is the space require, not to interfere with parking your car. The garage installation option is preferred because of the following reasons. 1. It is secured. 2. In the shade and clean environment. 3. Easy access for the service vehicle. 4. Any potential leak ends-up harmless on the floor – unlike possible under-sink cupboard damage.
NOTE 1: Entrepreneurs – country-wide, interested in rendering this service via his own business, can contact us for details. Typical agents, apart from private individuals, could typically be existing plumbing companies, who could also do installations and sell our mineral concentrate, needed in the treatment process. We sell our mobile treatment plant to agents.
NOTE 2: Tap Water or Borehole Water Back-up System Clients: See details under a separate heading.

Install Our Kitchen Water Treatment & Storage System, with Automatic Mineral-water Re-fill, at Home

Have superior quality mineral kitchen water secured, on tap 24/7, by installing our unique fully automatic water treatment and storage system at home, and enjoy a healthy independent lifestyle. No more cumbersome fetching of healthy water, to keep your family safe and healthy, whilst ensuring the best physical and brain development of your child. It is important that all the water you put into your body be living water.
The standard system even supplies your kitchen water for up to 2days without any power supply, as well as emergency house water, to keep the house going. We custom-design and build the above to your requirements.
NOTE : Entrepreneurs, Agents, or Investors, interested in this 1st off country-wide ‘Self Help’ Initiative Project, can contact us for details. Involvement could typically be agents who install, and/or sell these units, inclusive of the mineral concentrate needed in the treatment process, or investors whose involvement could help in growing the company.