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Who brings you HEALING WATER i.e. MINERAL RICH ALKALINE WATER – the drinking water that differs greatly from almost all bottled waters

Ever heard the terms MICRO-CLUSTERED or STRUCTURED MINERAL WATER? – It is ‘clean pure living water’ in its 4th state, with added natural minerals, having a molecule micro-structure, which is essential for hydration. It is the wonder element of the universe and the water found in nature, before human intervention (urbanization)

  • It contains all 84 natural minerals – similar to that found in human blood plasma
  • Is alkaline and enhances the oxygen levels of our blood – assist your body in fighting disease
  • Has a molecule micro-clustered structure – for hydration of the entire body, on cellular level
  • Is 100% free of plastic and other contamination – in contrast to tap and most bottled waters in Gauteng, SA – as acknowledged by the government

It helps with;

  • Hydration, Detoxification, improve immunity and assist in weight loss
  • Increases energy and endurance – improving sport performance
  • Increases brain-activity and assist in brain-development of the young child
  • Slowing-down aging and keeps the skin moisturised and silky

Apart from Natural Mineral Water, we specialise in;

  • Health Water – for skin beauty, pregnancies, breast feeding, and the brain development of growing children
  • High Performance Sport Water
  • Super Hydrate/ HangOVER Water
  • Mineral Concentrate (alkaline electrolyte) – for the producing your own healthy mineral water

See website www.hidroplus.co for information you should know – for good health. Website references;

  • Video on the effect that Structured Water has on your blood quality
  • Dr De Beer’s Field Test Report – He endorses our water.
  • World’s Best Sport Performance (testimonial of a 68 year old athlete client of ours, and other testimonials)
  • Plastic Poisoning of Tap and Bottle Water in Gauteng
  • Healthy Water Initiative for Schools

We also supply the following;

  • Health products (a small range that really works)
  • Safe bulk water containers and bottles with the option of personalised labels
  • Water dispenser coolers
  • Water filter systems – Kitchen RO and Industrial systems, as well as our Unique Whole-house ISOGRAM filters for making your bath/shower water safe – a must for each home
  • System design by our engineer, and the installation and servicing of the above
  • Major benefits are possible to estate residents, schools, clinics etc. by either doorstep deliveries, or in-house supply of your own healthy structured mineral water (either by means of home-owner filter units, in conjunction with mineralisation, or a large estate-owned plant, which is more economical, and which could raise revenue for the estate)
  • Door to door deliveries – with reduced cost for bulk deliveries