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Recent studies revealed alarming information regarding the effect that chemicals like Bisphenol-A (BPA)​ and Dioxin, both of which are found in plastic water bottles, and now also micro-plastics in drinking water, have had on the latest generation of the earth’s population.

Research – Plastic Disrupt Hormonal Balance: (quote)

According to research, men’s testosterone levels have declined by 25 percent since 1992, while their estrogen levels have increased by 40 percent. In addition, men nowadays have 40 percent less sperm count.

One of the chemicals contributing to this phenomenon is Bisphenol-A, found in plastic drinking-water bottles.

Bisphenol-A (BPA)​

This chemical is used to prevent foods and beverages from having a plastic taste. Studies show that BPA has been linked to many health problems including infertility, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.


Heat and direct sunlight activate plastic, causing toxins such as Dioxin to leach faster into the bottled water. The heat that releases Dioxin is applied to the plastic during bottle manufacturing and during packaging. Dioxin is a toxin increasingly found in breast cancer tissue. Unlike the industry norm we cold-wrap our 6-bottle-packs.

Plastic contaminants give rise to estrogen-hormone levels in men, as confirmed by the above mentioned study and causes infertility and mortality in rats due to cancer. When the rats are fed our structured mineral water they thrive in health and breed normally. This observation has been experienced in by one of our clients who is a rat breeder.

Study – Micro Plastic Particles Found Worldwide In Bottled Water:

CBS NEW YORK (quote)A study examining 11 brands of bottled

water sold around the world has found that nearly every sample

tested (93%) was contaminated by microplastic particles.

SUNY researchers concluded that at least part of the contamination

came from packaging and bottling processes, Peggy Apter of Indiana said.

While the study found about 10 plastic particles which were the width of a hair in water samples, researchers also detected over 300 smaller particles of plastic in each tested bottle.

“We found plastic in bottle after bottle and brand after brand,” Prof. Sherri Mason told the BBC. “It’s really showing that this is everywhere, that plastic has become such a pervasive material in our society, and it’s pervading water.”

The health risks from consuming plastic particles are not fully known however, several countries and environmental scientists have already called for a ban on microplastics such as glitter. (end of quote)

How Then Can We Safeguard Ourselves:

We can safeguard ourselves from plastic toxins and micro-plastics by (1) consuming the right type of pure healthy ‘Structured Water’ that is not only free of the above toxins and other chemicals/contamination, and now micro-plastics – that cause estrogen levels to seriously rise in men, but also have the properties of ‘Living Water’ as originally found in nature and which enhances health, and (2) by using the right type of water-containers/bottles – see details at the bottom of the script.

The reverse osmoses (RO) filtering process removes the impurities, inclusive of the micro-plastics (down to 0.0005 micron). It even removes dissolved solid particles (minerals) that are in liquid form and smaller than the water molecules themselves. Unfortunately pure water is DEAD water. Hence NATURAL MINERALS, infused in a concentrated dilution that has been micro-structured needs to be added, to obtain the HEALTHIEST water possible. This process will produce the ‘Pure Healthy Structured Water’ referred to above.

You should only buy water (bottles or bulk) from suppliers who certify their water soars, water purification process, mineral details and process, bottling-fill-cleaning process and bottle/container material used. Ask a reputable water expert for advice. HIDRO+ WATER WELLNESS can be contacted on 082 904 8848;  012 997 1386;  www.hidroplus.co

Understand that bottled waters differ greatly w.r.t its effect on your health. Following is a brief description why.

  1. Water Types – What to Use:

Tap Water

The excess chlorine in tap water is carcinogenic (cancer causing) in the long run, and could also contain heavy metals, un-metabolized anti-retroviral drugs (ARV’s), antibiotics, anti-depressants, contraceptive medication, pesticides etc., and now also micro-plastic contamination caused by dumping of plastics in the environment, on land and sea. See our ISOGRAM whole-house filter on the website, for making your bath water carcinogenic safe.

Bottled Water (Inclusive of Bulk RO Water)

Bottled water is mostly reverse osmosis (RO) or demineralised water, which is also regarded as ‘dead’ water, which depletes our bodies of essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium, causing osteoporosis and arthritis in the long term, because it cannot hydrate you on cellular level, irrespective of what is stated on the label – in many cases.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) do not consider RO-water suitable drinking water because of the  low mineral content thereof – normally below 100 total dissolved ‘minerals’ or TDS. (See the label on your bottle for TDS – also check the pH value). Minerals are the basis for the electrolytes and are also the building blocks of your body, while alkalinity strengthens your immune system. The water pH should ideally be between 7.6 and 8.0.

Structured Alkaline Mineral Water (Healthiest water money can buy)

After RO purification (some kitchen purifiers) the dead water is revitalised or energised in a micro structuring process. Structured water is the 4th state of water and is electrically charged negative, thereby attracting the positively charged ions of heavy metals and other toxins for excretion, thus detoxifying the body. This water also re-charges your bio-chemical processes of respiration, energy production, brain function and enhances enzyme activities which is critical for good health.

Refer to the website mentioned below, to further understand what structured water is and why it is essential for healthy living of man, beast and plant.

Benefits of Structured Alkaline Mineral Water (also called Clustered Water);
  • Improves your blood condition within minutes – better immunity and health (see video in the website)
  • Increases blood pH and oxygen levels and de-toxifies – improved body functioning (refer to Dr de Beer’s field test report in the website)
  • Improves brain development and cognitive function in children (refer resurge report and teacher’s testimonial in the website)
  • Increase energy levels and sport performance/endurance – with high mineral content (refer world’s best performance testimonial in the website)
  • Slower aging, and better skin condition.

Too good to be true, to think that water can do you that good! Yes, but this only holds true for the right type of water though. There are numerous studies, reports and books written on these subjects that confirm these statements, but unfortunately are not widely enough presented to the public, because ignorance in the area of health is keeping the public on the verge of illness, which is beneficial to ‘big pharma’.

  1. Types & Re-use of Plastic Bottles:

See article on types of plastic water bottles/containers in the website; www.hidroplus.co

  • Re-use of the usual PET plastic bottles can be harmful in the long term. The more you use it, the higher the risk of chemical leaching and bacterial contamination. It is concerning that the larger PET plastic bottles -normally clear and blue plastic; are frequently used by the public for bulk water re-filling purposes.
  • For re-use, only use containers/bottles which are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which do not leach toxins in sunlight or elevated temperatures, or use glass bottles.

Most of the information regarding the above is available on the internet. (Verify though between ‘fact’ or ‘claim’).