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It took several years for the public to realise the seriousness of our tap water problems in South Africa, and how it affects our health, notwithstanding the Blue Drop Certification. As you know pollutants and toxins sometimes enter our water catchment dams when sewage treatment plants are not properly maintained. Also bacteria and viruses, abattoir, medical and agricultural wastes contain pollutants that are not removed by municipal water treatment plants, and could include un-metabolized anti-retroviral drugs (ARV’s), antibiotics, anti-depressants, contraceptive medication etc. More info is available on request. (Refer ‘Expert Opinions on SA Water’ & A Report on the ‘Blue Drop Certification’ by the Development Bank of South Africa).


Bottled and filtered water


Alternatives such as bottled and filtered water were then introduced and all of us thought it was all right to either buy bottled water or install a filter of some kind in our kitchens – not knowing about the health risks still present. Sadly, the shortcomings of most kitchen filters range from ‘taste and odour enhancing only’ to producing ‘dead’ water. On the other hand, bottled water is not regulated in our country, and some are not of acceptable quality. Bottled water is mostly reverse osmosis (RO) or demineralised water, which is also regarded as ‘dead’ water, irrespective of what is stated on the label, in many cases.

RO versus mineral water


The RO process is in practice the most effective way of purifying water, however it removes not only the ‘bad stuff’, but also the ‘good stuff’ (minerals and trace elements, if any), leaving dead water behind, i.e. no electrolytes. Electrolytes are required among brain and body cells to transmit tiny electrical impulses, (in excess of 20 watts in your brain alone) which regulates all organ functions – It is, life itself. Purified water with a total dissolved solids (TDS) count below 100 is considered low-mineral water. A TDS of 130 minimum (i.e. minerals – not contaminants) is required in mineral water – This is not the case in most bottled waters; see bottle etiquettes for yourself.




The World Health Organisation (WHO) prescribes that demineralised or RO water, which depletes our bodies of essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium, should not substitute ‘structured mineral alkaline water’, inclusive of water we cook with. (Refer ‘Health Risks Drinking RO Water’- WHO, available on request)

pH Balance


Most bottled waters are acidic. That is they have a pH value below 7 – see bottle etiquettes. Alkalinity, on the other hand, boosts the immune system, keeping you healthy. Our modern diets trigger acidity, which is one of the major cause of cholesterol. Cancer and most other illnesses thrive in an acidic body. The first corrective step is to drink alkaline balanced water with a pH between 7.4 and 7.8. (Refer Microscopic Blood Photographs – available on request).

Structured water: the ultimate


After RO purification the dead water (sometimes referred to as ‘demon water’) is revitalised or energised in our micro structuring process in a vortex, similar to what happens in nature in natural streams. Structured water is the 4th state of water and is electrically charged negative, thereby attracting positively charged heavy metals for excretion, thus detoxifying the body. This water also re-charges your bio-chemical processes of respiration, energy production, brain function and enhances enzyme activity, which is critical for good health. (Refer ‘Your Body’s Many Cries for Water’ – Dr F Batmanghelidj, World Foundation for Natural Science, Switzerland)

Structured water is micro clustered. It has 5-10 molecules per cluster, which is small enough to easily penetrate living cells, thus hydrating the cells. The water inside our cells is also structured water. Conversely, un-structured tap water or RO water has macro clusters, containing up to 90 molecules per cluster, rendering the majority of water clusters too large to penetrate your cells, causing de-hydration. Important to note that de-hydration is the principle causing agent in aging and of most diseases. (Refer to video ‘The Effect of Structured Water on Blood Properties’ – available from HIDRO+) During the structuring process 84 natural minerals and trace elements are infused into the water at molecular level. Important to note that vitamins in foods/supplements can’t be effectively absorbed without the presence of minerals. These minerals are the basis of the electrolytes in your body, required for electro-chemical impulses between brain neurons, nerve system and body cells. It therefore improves concentration ability and bodily endurance. I refer you to a 68 year old South African woman athlete who achieved the world’s best performance in a 500 km race using only our mineral enriched ‘SUPER HYDRATE’ water, without the use of any supplements (Refer testimonial ‘World’s Best Performance’ – available from HIDRO+).

Radioactive isotopes


Furthermore, acid mine drainage pollution in some areas, containing radioactive isotopes, which causes cancer, are not removed by water treatment processes. In fact, the Blue Drop Certification does not even require the testing of uranium levels in the water. These levels can be as high as double the cancer forming threshold. We remove this using Chernobyl technology.

(Refer ‘Expert Reports).

In summary, purified drinking water must be:

  • Structured water
  • Mineralised (TDS > 130, Natural)
  • Alkaline balanced (pH 7.4 – 7.8)
  • Radio-isotope free (i.e. non-carcinogenic)