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Structured Water Makes All The Difference!

Hidro+ is a Specialist Mineral Water Provider offering premium products to ensure optimum water wellness for good health. We proudly endorse an exciting range of structured mineral water products to cater for your specific needs. Our water is available in containers of various formats ranging from safe reusable, glass or disposable bottles, to dispenser bottles and bulk household safe containers. The unique range includes Structured Mineral Concentrate which is added to your reverse osmosis (RO) filtration system at home, to mineralise your water.


We remove all biological contamination as well as chemicals like pesticides, un-metabolised antiretroviral drug residues, hormones, antibiotics, antidepressants and other medical contaminants that is usually present in public water supplies.


Radio Isotope Free

We use Chernobyl-technology to remove carcinogenic (cancer causing) radio-isotope contamination such as uranium from drinking water.


Our water is structured, which means energised water molecules forms micro-clusters small enough to penetrate living cells for proper hydration, thereby promoting energy, health, slower aging, skin beauty and enhances weight loss. Negative charged water also detoxifies you continually.

Alkaline Balanced

Our water with pH 7.6 neutralises acidity caused by modern diets and greatly improves immunity for good health.


Minerals produce the electrolytes needed for the functioning of the electrochemical impulses between neurons in your brain, nerve system and body cells. Each Hidro+ water product has its own unique concentration of minerals for the desired effect.

Mineral Concentrate

Just add 1ml (12 drops) of Natural Mineral Concentrate liquid to one litre purified RO-water, to mineralise it. The concentrate is supplied in volumes ranging from 50ml to one litre.


“Vandat die kinders gestruktureerde mineral water begin gebruik het, het hul konsentrasie en koordinasie met rasse skrede verbeter. Hulle was altyd haastig en impulsief. Nou is hulle minder honger en dors! Hul werk het ongelooflik verbeter asook hul konsentrasie en koordinasie. Ek kan regtig met groot vrymoedigheid hierdie puik water aanbeveel met selfvertroue. Ek gebruik dit elke dag in my klas met welslae en sien dit in die gelukkige en gesonde kinders. Die verskil is in die water.”

Herman Jacobs

“Since I have started using structured mineral water from HIDRO+ WATER WELLNESS daily instead of tap water, I’ve noticed a marked increase in mental clarity and focus. Drinking 2 to 3 litres of mineral water daily helps me stay much more present and focused on my academic work throughout the day.”

Pieter Kroukamp

“I am glutton intolerant and have tried many treatments over the years. I cannot eat any flour, and if I do my sinus goes haywire and I lose my voice. It also causes severe skin irritation.

I have been on HIDRO+ HEALTH WATER for one week now, and it is all gone!”


“I’ve been suffering from a condition called Fibromyalgia for about 5 years. It is condition that comes with severe pain in your body, depression and various other uncontrollable symptoms. For years I consulted doctors and specialists without any concrete solution. I started to research the condition on the Internet and found that it differs from person to person but had the uncontrollable pain in the muscles and bone in common.

After years of taking supplements and medication and spending thousands of rands on products that only offered temporary solutions I stumbled upon a website talking about water and how minirelised water helps your body to detox and flush out toxins.

One day by chance I walked by a new water shop that has just opened called Hidroplus. Within minutes of talking to the personnel in the shop I knew I found someone who understood what I wanted and what I was talking about. I started drinking 3 glasses in the morning when I woke up and two glasses of water whenever I felt hungry.

Within a week I could feel the difference. The pain in my legs became less and I just started feeling better. Now months later I am able of doing Cross fit gym and have lost lot of weight. The pain I feel now is from muscles which have been properly exercised and now I’m becoming fitter and healthier than ever. I won’t stop drinking this water and take it with me wherever I go.”

Giel van Rooyen

“Vandat ek die gestruktureerde water van Hidro+ gebruik het die swelling in my bene verdwyn en die brand gevoel in my voete ook verminder. Ek voel selfs wakkerder in die oggende en is nie meer moeg as ek opstaan nie. Ek het ook meer energie elke dag en sal beslis die water aanbeveel.”

Ronell Uys

“Vandat ek hierdie water drink het ek ‘n wonderlike verandering in my gewigsverlies opgemerk, asook minder gereeld hoofpyne / migraines – het gewoontlik een maal per maand vir drie dae lank hoofpyne / migraines gekry. Nou hoef ek nie meer soveel pille daarvoor te drink nie, soms glad nie! Het drie tot vier kilogram verloor en dit bly af – nou al twee maande.”

Keith Fisher

“Use the Hidro Plus Mineral water for day to day usage and the HidroPlus Super Hydrate for my sport training and events. Events I’m involved in are comrades, Ironman and multiple marathons. Since using the Hidro Plus Super Hydrate I have been free of cramps not only during training, but also during ultra events. I can recommend this product without any doubt.”


Look No Further. Taste The Difference!

Hidro+ specialises in offering Structured Mineral Water solutions for the discerned.
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